Mashed potatoes are a no-fail staple for any occasion. On the busiest weeknight, a huge pot to accompany a slow-cooked roast never fails. And when the holiday season rolls around, if there’s not at least one relative’s mashed potato recipe that made it to the sideboard at Thanksgiving or Christmas, is it even a real celebration? Mashed potatoes may not reign as supremely as our beloved deviled eggs, grits, cornbread, and mac and cheese, but there’s no denying that this simple comfort food has still commanded a spot at the overflowing southern table. After all, there are many things to love about a good mashed potatoes recipe. It’s an easy dish to prepare, plus it stores well, making it a convenient and tasty addition to even a hectic and average Wednesday dinner. Then there are the numerous spins you could put on it. Extra butter, a block of cream cheese, some collards, carrots, and more. With all the ways you could stir the pot, it makes this comforting side dish an ever-welcome addition to any table.


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